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If you are carrying out or taking part in any research that you think we might be interested in, or perhaps you're looking for volunteers for research, we would love to hear from you.

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Huge congratulations to NoSPRIG's Dr Julie Jones on becoming the joint winner of the Parkinson's Excellence Network 'People's Choice' award.

A hugely deserved accolade for someone who devotes all her knowledge, energy and enthusiasm into making the lives of people with Parkinson's better.

julie jones speaking jpeg.jpg

We were immensely proud when NoSPRIG's Julie Jones presented the 2022 Edinburgh Lecture, with her fascinating research on Parkinson's & Exercise.  

If you missed it first time round or would like a refresher you can watch it here.

Medical Consultation

Parkinson's UK's own Research Projects - 2023

MRI Scans
Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

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Sleep Research

Interested in taking
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Parkinson's UK supports many kinds of research & there are many different ways in which volunteers can help.

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Research round-up


Current projects from around the UK and beyond.

The Parkinson's UK Brain Bank is always looking for people with and without Parkinson's to sign up. 

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