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Research News & Updates

If you are carrying out or taking part in any research that you think we might be interested in, or perhaps you're looking for volunteers for research, we would love to hear from you.

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Listen to our exciting new series of podcasts, exploring Parkinson's research from a Scottish perspective.

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All the latest research projects from around the UK and beyond.

Research round-up

Prescription Drugs

Episode 1 :  Interview with Dr Angus Macleod, Honorary Consultant Neurologist, NHS Grampian & Clinical Senior Lecturer, University of Aberdeen.

Episode 2 :  Interview with Dr Carl Counsell, Consultant Neurologist, NHS Grampian & Clinical Reader, University of Aberdeen.

Further episodes will be released monthly - watch this space for details!

Recording of online Q & A with Drs Angus Macleod & Carl Counsell.

Originally held 8th February 23. 

Podcasts produced with the kind support of Adventurous Audio Ltd.

Julie Jones chats to Dr Angus Macleod about his own research work and finds out his thoughts on promising developments further afield.

Julie Jones explores Dr Carl Counsell's long career in research alongside his clinical role and academic teaching, and his views on what the future might hold for Parkinson's research.


Episode 3 :  Interview with Julie Jones, Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy, Robert Gordon University & CSO and Parkinson's UK Clinical Academic Fellow

Helga Macfarlane finds out about Julie Jones' research experience, particularly in relation to her ongoing study into exercise for people with Young Onset Parkinson's DIsease.

Episode 4 :  Interview with Tilo Kunath, Professor of Regenerative Neurobiology at the University of Edinburgh 

Professor Kunath gives Julie Jones an insight into his work on stem cell models in Parkinson's Disease and the work being done to fully understand the role of alpha-synuclein in the progression of the disease. 

Sleep Research

Interested in taking
part in research?

Find out more here.

NoSPRIG's Julie Jones presenting the 2022 Edinburgh Lecture with her research on Parkinson's & Exercise.

Image by Myriam Zilles
MRI Scans

Parkinson's UK's own Research Projects - 2023

The Parkinson's UK Brain Bank - always looking for people with and without PD to sign up. 

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